What is Arctic Aihki?

We are a tour operator that organizes trips to the wilderness of Salla. The place is on the Northeastern border of Finland, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The wonderful nature creates the potential for a wide range of one-off adventures to take. Tours are tailor-made for the needs of our customers. Aihki’s modern and original accommodation is perfect for an unforgettable experience.


Who is the service for?

You can take the trip alone or with a group. Everybody is welcome – All workplace communities, corporate teams, management teams, customer journeys, hobby teams, nature lovers, bridal couples or party people, or just by yourself.


Why would we come to all the way to Salla?

Our place has the perfect feeling of tranquility, untouched nature and clean air. Nature and peace surround our guests. Aihki is a unique place to slow down and wander in the wild. Versatile trips allow for a personal break from the hectic pace of everyday life.


How many persons can you accomodate?

Kenttälampi hut in the main building has ten double rooms; space for 20 people. In addition, in our area you can find a double Rajasviitti (Border Suite) and a six-person Fisherman’s Hut.


Is there running water?

Yes. In addition, we have a large Finnish sauna with showers, a living room with a fireplace, a dining room, a spacious kitchen, a traditional sauna from the 1800s, a modern outside hut for spending time together and cooking, professional maintenance service, and the best thing of all: no internet connection.


Can we hunt or fish?

The area is ideal for hunting or fishing. Our local guides will help you get around the wilderness safely and show you the best places to hunt and fish. We can also provide full board and off-road meals whilst roaming the wilderness.


What if our work community needs a "breath of fresh air"?

The surrounding nature and Aihki’s facilities make it an ideal place for business and work teams to take a retreat. We can provide different sort of exercises, nature trips and doing things together. Cooking with a top chef empowers the community and creates a delicious shared experience.


What else is there to do?

The peace and quiet of the environment make Aihki a good place for various hobby groups, day trips and courses. For example, it’s pleasant to have a yoga or pilates class in the embrace of the tranquil nature. Magnificent forests provide excellent fishing grounds, and various berries and mushrooms for you to pick and enjoy. The rare and delicious Northern cloudberries are waiting to be picked. We also recommend snowshoeing, hiking, sitting by the fire, games, photography, orienteering, and nature observation.


Is it suitable for celebrations?

Aihki’s facilities are suitable for any kind of party. Get married in the beautiful nature. Celebrate your anniversaries or birthdays peacefully in the middle of nowhere.


Can we explore the wilderness with snowmobiles?

It is also possible to go exploring the nature with snowmobiles. Depending on the season there is a chance to go quad biking or enjoy snowmobile safaris under the guidance of a local guide.


What if we don't want to do anything?

It is also possible to rent accommodation only.

Contact Salla Joint Forest at +358 40 676 5600.


How much does it cost?

Each trip is priced one at a time according to the number of persons, duration, activities and meals. In addition, you need to cover the travel expenses either by plane and / or car. Contact us and let us know about your wishes.


What are the benefits of the trip?

Time spent in the nature lowers blood pressure, calms down the heart rate and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. Being in the woods has been proven to improve health in many different ways. The nature of Lapland offers a rare treat, a deep sense of the infinite silence, the clear starry sky. In a natural setting, we can be present to ourselves and to each other in quite a different way than in the hectic pace of everyday life.


How can I book a trip?

Please contact your host Markus Maulavirta and let’s build an unforgettable journey into the middle of wilderness. Call +358 50 598 2996 or send an email to markus@arcticaihki.fi.

Experience an unforgettable journey to the wilderness of Salla